Social Media Policy

Through social media, we are focusing on information on the initiatives of the Agency, the institution which has the task of facilitating, developing and promoting Italian economic and trade relations with foreign countries and working to foster the internationalization of Italian companies, the marketing of Italian goods and services in international markets and the attraction of foreign investment in Italy.

Official accounts are:


We’d like to read your comments and your reflections, which are a stimulus for our business.

Through social media we promote respectful information and dialogue, so please always pay attention to others, even when they have different opinions than yours.

Our profiles publish content in Italian and English, so only the content published in these two languages will be answered.

To protect the dignity of all participants in the discussion, some comments will not be answered. In particular, you can not respond to comments or posts that:

  • include violent, offensive, obscene, defamatory, or discriminatory content (including links, videos, or images);
  • contain threats, justify violent attitudes or illegal behavior;
  • are of an advertising or commercial nature, oriented to the sale or to the promotion of products;
  • are too repetitive or disturbing to others or can be considered as spam;
  • violate the rules of use of the specific platform.

In cases of absolute severity, the user block may also be considered. Accounts followed by the Agency or following the Agency are in no way approved by the Agency on the content they produce.

Thank you for the time and the attention you will dedicate to the content we publish soon.