The ITA Agency website is designed and implemented in compliance with the requirements of the Ministerial Decree of July 8, 2005 implementing law no. 4/2004, "Provisions to facilitate the access of people with disabilities to computer tools".

Accessibility rules provide that information and services offered on web pages are also accessible to people with disabilities in IT tools, regardless of operating system, navigation tools, browser settings, and regardless of the connection speed they have.

Main measures adopted:

  1. A textual alternative was provided for each image providing information.
  2. No objects or motion pictures were used.
  3. Text and graphics are understandable even if displayed without the color.
  4. Information content is always distinguishable from the background.
  5. Users have the ability to set the size of the content according to their needs.
  6. The presentation and content of the pages fit to the browser size without loss of information or overlapping of objects.
  7. The links have been made clear thanks to significant texts and can also be selected with the use of the keyboard and with keyboard emulation technologies.
  8. Frames are not used, the frame structure that is unreadable by navigation software for the blind.